Wine Acid becomes True Art – Nathalie Leturcq (Tenerife) – Tamuna Abuladze (Georgia)

Every good sommelier in his life encounters an acid or rather an important molecule of wine: Tartaric acid and its derivatives.

Tartaric acid is the main component of grapes and the most important regulator of acidity in wine. (The total acidity of the wine is measured by the amount of tartaric acid in it, expressed precisely one g / L of dissolved tartaric acid)

It is also responsible for the protection against the attack of bacteria, gives aromas to the wine and plays an important role in the color of the wine itself.

Every now and then we have to deal with crystallization of tartaric acid that forms crystals (the so-called wine diamonds) visible in the cork, these crystals are a transformation into a molecule of Potassium Bitartrate.

The use of tartaric acid is exploited in cosmetics for its lightening and antioxidant capacities, in fact it is the main ingredient of exfoliating, moisturizing and anti-aging creams.

While my mind occasionally goes in search of scents of tartaric acid in wine, it happens with amazement to see high concentrations in cellars, disused barrels attract my attention and amazement in seeing it.

My friend, Felipe Moje, knowing of my curiosities invited me to observe how in an old abandoned barrel in his Bodega Moje in Tenerife there is a residual concentration of Tartrates.

As I observe so much wonder, my gaze goes to a “magical” person, an artist, a creator of unique fashion in the world … Nathalie Leturcq

His works? Fantastic, exceptional, unique. Using the acids in wine to make them become fabrics, silks, clothes, unique fashion components.

Her fabrics are impressed as in a typography of nature with the acid components that imprint, release and unite in a single body creating works of art that only the imagination of this wonderful woman can conceive.

Nathalie Leturcq and your creations

But the world of wine does not stop, in my continuous research, sometimes excessive, almost obsessive but necessary to discover how much wine love involves people in the world.

Georgia, the homeland of wine, 8000 years of history and true love in the fruit of the vine, here everything is natural, its “Qvevri” amphorae, its oxidized wines “Amber Wine” or “Orange”, its foods, its traditions, its people, everything speaks of wine.

An artist above all, not just an artist, a creator of jewels: Tamuna Abuladze

Here my thought merges with the wonder, the fantasy flies and arrives where this artistic mind creates its jewels.

Can a Wine Crystal become a Jewel? … any self-respecting alchemist will say no, but the stubbornness and intelligence of a woman, as you know, have no boundaries or limits.

Then grappling with tartrates, salts, potassium, anthocyanins, wine, lots of wine and its molecules that the Wine Diamonds are born, real Emotions enclosed in unique jewels in the world created by Tamuna.

The result is only real emotions that wine can give on this journey around the world!

Tamuna Abuladze and your creations

Loving wine means enhancing it, loving wine means knowing it, for this reason that when Wine Calls… We will be there.

Carmelo Sgandurra, Sommelier Zosimo

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