[EN] Zosimo Zosimo Selection 2023 International Wine Rating


International markets are the goal of every winemaker.

Finding your way around in a fast-moving world, where media, social networks, and sales networks always need new updates is not easy.

The International Rating, recognized and appreciated, allows you to achieve objectives in a short time.

Zosimo Wine Critic, in 2023 has reached 34 countries, where there is a strong culture of wine combined with the selection of the best wines.

FREE participation allows impartiality during the tasting phases and better appreciation of the wine during the evaluation.

The evaluation and assignment of scores are carried out by taking into account not only the visual and olfactory parts of the wine but with the right attention to the tasting quality and the pleasantness that wine gives to every palate.

The wines judged with a score higher than 88/100 points are recognizable from the affixing of recognition signs, such as stamps, diplomas, and certificates of merit.

The classification is as follows:

88 – 89 – 90 Points (bronze medal)

91 – 92 – 93 – 94 Points (silver medal)

95 – 96 – 97 – 98 – 99 Points (gold medal)

100 Points, issued for great excellence recognizable by the Red medal indicating great and unique excellence.

A world of wine that always requires the right valorisation, my commitment that every day brings information and communication of wine excellence to the world.

Participation, again this year, is FREE, just fill in and send the attached form, send your wines, 3 bottles per type and year, specifying “samples with no commercial value”.

Sample Shipping Address:


Redazione Italia


97015 MODICA (RG)

Contatto per Corriere Tel: +39 375 6283852 (Occhipinti)

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